The Flow Dynamics Family is excited to be celebrating our 20th year in business.

Specialty Markets


We are happy to announce a new marketing division for filtration and lubrication. As a part of that we will provide a comprehensive filter line know as Betaflow. Betaflow filters represent a filtration solution rather that a filter housing solution. With beta ratios up to Bx=1000 and a wide variety of equipment to insure the oil cleanliness, our products are the best of the best. We will also provide a full range of hydraulic fluids that are approved for hydraulic components and the conditions that they are run in. We will offer in house filter training sessions that include the latest technology in vaccum dehydration. Bearing lubrication is also a critical part of our division. By supplying the critical components as well as the grease or lub oil, we can engineer and complete and correct system solution. Maintenance contract are available that incorporate remote monitoring of filters and/or grease. Give up a call to get full details on how we can provide a full solution to your filtration and lubrication needs. Click here for more information.